The Objects

Another minority co-production we are part of is the new series of the classic educational show “Once Upon a time…The Objects!”. Our animation team animated 13 episodes, 7 minutes each, using Toon Boom Harmony software.


This fun litlle internal project had almost everyone at Studio Zmei try new roles. We mixed and matched between departments with our team creating everything from the idea and the designs to the whole pipeline of an inspiring holiday season video. The short was created within a week and started with a one-sentence brief from…

Unicorn: Warriors Eternal

Genndy Tartakovsky’s new animated series tells the story of a team of ancestral heroes charged with the mission of protecting the world from an ominous force and their awakening comes all too soon… Working with our friends at Studio La Cachette in France, Studio Zmei handled more than 173 minutes of the animation assist, line,…


We created 3 short Halloween videos for the unforgetable Care Bears, animated in TvPaint software. The brief was to bring to life these holiday-themed Care Bears in the clasic cartoon style of the original 80s show. Our team had a blast working with CloudCo on these beloved characters!

The Golden Apple

A fully animated trailer for The Golden Apple series, showcasing the main characters’ designs, the main locations, and part of the original soundtrack of the series, along with the dynamic mood of the project. You can find out more about the project on its web page –

Legend of the
First Kuker Warrior

In a fantastic world, ravaged by the forces of darkness, the brave blacksmith Anton ventures beyond the walls of his village in search for help. Within the dark forests full of menacing spirits and terrifying creatures he meets the Samodivas – beautiful magical entities that give him a terrible, yet wonderful gift. The maddening knowledge…

I Elvis Riboldi

Elvis Riboldi is energetic, optimistic, passionate… only a bit too much. He lives with his friends Boris and Emma in Icaria, a town where, according to its inhabitants, nothing ever happened until Elvis was born. But now that he’s around, be prepared for almost anything: time travels, epic fights to the death, close encounters of…