Prostokvashino (31-52)

Can be seeon on

  • online, Russian TV stations

What we did

  • As a service studio, we worked with SoyuzmultFilm ( on the reboot of the classic animated series Mr Theo, Cat and Dog (known in Russian as Простоквашино) created in Toon Boom Harmony. As a service studio, Studio Zmei's team worked on 6 episodes, including the Christmas special, which was broadcasted trough the Moscow metro system. Each of the episodes which we animated has between 2 and 3 million views on YouTube.

Project details

  • Year: 2020
  • Length: 22 x 6’ 30''
  • Technology: 2D cut-out
  • Languages: Russian
  • Funding: SoyuzmultFilm Film Studio


  • SoyuzmultFilm Film Studio

Produced by

  • SoyuzmultFilm Film Studio