Tale of the oherside (book)

Can be seen on

  • A bookstore near you (only in Bulgarian for now :)

What we did

  • With the support of the National Culture Fund of Bulgaria, Studio Zmei produced the young-adult novel "Tale of the Otherside" (https://ciela.com/prikazka-za-dolnata-zemya.html), which is also the studio's first major non-animation storytelling project! Written by Irene Parvanova, with illustrations by Mira Miroslavova, the book tells the exciting story of the 13-years-old Alex who expects an extremely boring summer vacation at his grandmother's house in a village far, far away. Instead, he finds himself into the biggest adventure of his lfe together with his newly found best friends - the twin sisters Jana&Ana. This Studio Zmei's project was a huge success as the book was accepted with high score by the public and the fans of our work. Our partnership with CIELA publishing house provided us with the possibility to reach out to bigger amount of readers in Bulgaria.

Produced by

  • Studio Zmei, with the support of the National Culture Fund of Bulgaria.

Project details

  • Year: 2020
  • Length: 406 pages and 16 graphic illustrations project realization: October 2018 - June 2020
  • Languages: Bulgarian
  • Funding: National Culture Fund, Studio Zmei