The Golden Apple
pilot episode

In a magical land, in a great city called Khan a courageous half-human, half-spirit girl Vihra tries to get the hang of her magical powers with the help of her best friend – the spirit Tina-Pakostina. Meanwhile, in the faraway Kuker lands two brothers – the spirit warriors Bran and Vlad sneak outside of their village to observe a battle between their teacher and a wild spirit.

These four unlikely heroes are pushed together by fate and evil schemes and embark on an incredible journey to resolve the conflict between humans and spirits.

Can be seen on

  • Bulgarian National Television premiere is to be determined

We did

  • End-to-end production

Produced by

  • Studio Zmei, Bulgarian National Television

Project details

  • Year: 2018
  • Length: 17’ 56”
  • Technology: 2D mixed traditional and cut-out animation
  • Languages: English, Bulgarian
  • Funding: 821 IndieGoGo supporters, Bulgarian National Television


  • First Place at Bulgarian National Television’s Competition for Animated Films (2018)
  • Best episode of a TV series at the International Animation Film Festival Golden Kuker - Sofia (2019)