We at Studio Zmei believe that artists should create art, rather than spend time on solving technical difficulties and doing work that could have been avoided in the first place. Therefore, we design solutions that aim to minimize straining, repetitive tasks, so creators can focus on the truly meaningful and inspiring parts of visual storytelling.

We pay great attention to the style of the project, the fine details and we focus on producing elements with potential for reuse that will be useful for artists down the pipeline. We take into consideration all parties involved in a project, and when creating assets, it is vitally important they can be used all parts of the production down the pipeline. Our Studio believes in working hard, but also working smart, and in a way which benefits everyone involved in a production.

Part of our services

2D Animation

We specialize in the creation both cut-out and hand-drawn 2D animation in the preferred style. We pay special attention to the principles of animation, we aim to create visually appealing and dynamic scenes, and we never forget the finer details like the character acting and dramatic timing.

Character Design

We develop original characters in line with the preferred style of animation, as well as the supporting documentation and style explanations. Our experience allows us to prepare a full design package, ready for rigging and with extensive design elements for libraries that maximize reuse potential. That way, with the basics covered, our clients can focus on the exciting parts of animation.

Location Design

We develop locations in the style of the animation, keeping in mind the fine details and the potential of location and element reuse. This is why we create libraries that aid in the process of quick assembling of new locations and backgrounds, as well as guides on how to best use these locations and always be within the developed style. We also provide and develop technical guides, which guarantee that our work is usable by the entire pipeline.

Layouts and Backgrounds

We create layouts based on animatics, as well as propose directorial solutions for the animation phase of the production. We take great care of the positioning of the characters, the scaling and the continuity. We also pay special attention to verifying the existing locations, thus maximizing the potential reuse and minimizing the repetitive work.

Production Management

We provide production management, guiding and organizing production and pre-production. From breakdown of episodes, through asset creation and the actual work process, all the way to the finalizing of the project according to the needs of the post-production. We create practical solutions and working pipelines, as well as technical and artistic guides, to aid you in assessing risk, predicting problems, and of course - solving the challenges.

Production Consultation

We provide professional production consultations, in which we help you estimate problems, come up with solutions and solve difficulties. We can aid your production by helping you create pipelines, tailored specifically for you, predicting upcoming problems that you are likely to face down the line and finding solutions to prevent them.