Legend of the
First Kuker Warrior

In a fantastic world, ravaged by the forces of darkness, the brave blacksmith Anton ventures beyond the walls of his village in search for help. Within the dark forests full of menacing spirits and terrifying creatures he meets the Samodivas – beautiful magical entities that give him a terrible, yet wonderful gift. The maddening knowledge they share with Anton is about to change the fate of his small village forever.


Can be seen on

  • Bulgarian National Television, YouTube

We did

  • End-to-end production

Produced by

  • Studio Zmei

Project details

  • Year: 2016
  • Length: 3’ 53”
  • Technology: 2D mixed traditional and cut-out animation
  • Languages: English, Bulgarian
  • Funding: 781 Kickstarter supporters


  • Festivals: International Animation Film Festival Golden Kuker – Sofia (2017)