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Animation and design are developing rapidly in the 21st century. That's why we work with the latest software and combine it with the most innovative practices to deliver only top quality results


Being cloud-based allows us to bring together some of the best talent from all over the world with experience in some of the largest studios

Tons of passion

If you want to be the best you need to love what you do. And we’re mad about design and animation

Our team

Dimitar Petrov is the creator/show-runner of The Golden Apple series, and a producer for the pilot episode. Before founding Studio Zmei, Dimitar got an Animation degree from The University of Westminster, UK, and worked for Cartoon Network Studios Europe as a layout artist. He also did freelance work, producing animated advertisements for several agencies, graphics and 3D animation for video games and teaching. Dimitar has been a guest lecturer in Bulgaria and France, and has also been a speaker at several TEDx events. He received an award for outstanding achievements in the field of culture form JCI Bulgaria in 2016, and has authored the award-winning “Legend of the First Kuker Warrior” illustrated story book.
Dimitar Petrov

Dimitar Petrov

Art Director and CEO

Elena Rapondzhieva

Elena Rapondzhieva


Elena Rapondzhieva is the studio producer, working also on the marketing and business dev. Having graduated in Communication and Media in the UK, she has worked as a producer and project manager for multiple companies such as Ubisoft, Worldwide FX, RCR Films and Nu Boyana FX. She has been a guest lecturer in Bulgaria and France on the topics of crowdfunding and business development for creative projects. Her PR campaign in collaboration with Knowbox for “The Golden Apple” series’ Kickstarter campaign won a prize at the national BAPRA Bright Awards (Category: Innovative Campaign).
Stanislav Tsvetkov is the lead animator in The Golden Apple, and a tutor for the animation courses at our Zmei Academy. He has studied art, sculpture and wood carving at the National School of Applied Arts in Sofia. Stanislav has more than 12 years of experience in animation, working for companies such as Adult Swim, Warner Bros and Comedy Central.
Stanislav Tsvetkov

Stanislav Tsvetkov

Lead Animator

Marta Andreeva

Marta Andreeva

Lead Character Designer

Marta Andreeva is the lead designer on the project. She has a a degree in Media Studies from the University of Potsdam, Germany, where she won a prize for her graduation film in 2016. Marta has worked for one of the biggest animation studios in Germany, where she was part of the development of the successful and internationally distributed TV-animated series “Mia and Me”. She has also worked as a freelance character designer and an illustrator on various projects, and has been featured for her illustrations on Behance and The Character Design Reference Blog.
Magdalina Dianova is our samodiva expert and a character designer in the team. She has been featured twice in 2D Artist Magazine and the Wacom artist gallery. Magdalina has done a lot of freelance work, with clients including the Singapore Symphony Orchestra, Simon & Schuster and CLUSE watches.
Magdalina Dianova

Magdalina Dianova

Assistant Character Designer

Boris Stoyanov

Boris Stoyanov

Assistant Background Designer

Boris Stoyanov is one of the background artists on The Golden Apple team. He is a graduate from the University of Worcester, UK. Apart from being an artist on the team he is also a part time freelancer working on a variety of projects from all around the world. Boris has participated in more than 30 different projects ranging from PC and mobile games development to board games and animations. In early 2017 he was featured in the Illustration section on Behance for his speed paintings.
Momchil Stepanov is our Business development manager and voice talent consultant, as well as the voice of the kuker Vlad. Momchil has a degree in acting for drama theater from the National Academy for Theater and Film Arts, Bulgaria, and experience in Arts management. He has been working as a freelance actor and singer, specialising in voice acting. Some of his roles are in the Bulgarian versions of films such as “Frozen” (Kristoff), “Moana” (Maui), “Beauty and the Beast” (Lumire), “Tangled: The Series” (Flynn Rider), “Trolls” (Branch), etc. From 2016, Momchil is the president of the Bulgarian Voice Actors Guild.
Momchil Stepanov

Momchil Stepanov

Voice Talent Consultant

Irena Parvanova

Irena Parvanova


Irena Parvanova is working on the story bible of the series and is developing screenplays for the first episodes of the project. She studied Balkan folklore and mythology in middle school and developed a personal interest in the subject. Irena has been captivated by the stories and legends about samodiva nymphs and spirits, and is basing a lot of the narrative of The Golden Apple on these tales. Currently, she is studying English Philology at Sofia University, focusing on creative writing.

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