Unicorn: Warriors Eternal

Genndy Tartakovsky’s new animated series tells the story of a team of ancestral heroes charged with the mission of protecting the world from an ominous force and their awakening comes all too soon…

Working with our friends at Studio La Cachette in France, Studio Zmei handled more than 173 minutes of the animation assist, line, and color, as well as a small part of the rough animation, for all 10 episodes. We worked in TVPaint software. The show is the first production which benefited from the new Bulgarian cash rebate system.

Can be seen on

  • Adult Swim
  • HBO max
  • Cartoon Network

Produced by

  • La Cachette Studio

Project details

  • Length: 10x21'
  • Technology: Digital 2D animation
  • Languages: Bulgarian, English, French
  • Funding: This animated series production benefited from the Bulgarian cash rebate system.